Bench of thougth salvaged books zero waste

Bench of thought

The pieces that make up this design piece are reused books abandoned to their fate in bookstores and libraries.

Books that once read ceased to have their function and that through this creation become useful again, but with new functionality.

Arianna Squilloni

Functional artwork


I did not create this piece with a purely aesthetic function. I intended to break the barrier separating art from the viewer, preventing us from touching the exhibited works.

I have always thought that to enjoy a sculpture fully, you have to use all your senses, and sometimes you have to touch or look very closely, so where are the marks and lines that delimit spaces in museums.

I built this work with the remains of an installation called Library crossing, with books generously donated by passers-by.

I learned to bend wood and made a curved formwork that I later filled with hundreds of books and glue.

Finishing it was not easy, and it was not cheap either, although it was a pleasant process in which several friends helped me.

This sculpture has always generated a unique attraction in the spectators and a very gratifying feeling for me.

Reading what some writers and journalists like Maite Ibañez or Ariadna Squiloni have said about her is a nice reward.

Discovering over time that it is part of multiple blogs and publications, and having been part of several exhibitions and catalogues as excellent as Puntas de Flecha, is priceless.