I’m Alvaro Tamarit,
 Environmentartist and Educator.

Re-use. Make do. Make different

Specialising in Sculpture and functional objects, I create unique commissions and bespoke pieces that are inspired by nature and have a sense of play. My passion is to teach, helping others to learn about art and the environment, language and an appreciation of the planet. My courses and learning resources are designed to help others to become inspired through knowledge and play.

My work is inspired by a deep reverence for the environment and respect for nature. I am an advocate of slow living and a lover of different cultures, bringing my native Spanish influence into all that I do but also taking inspiration from French, English, Italian and Indian cultures, all of which have been a big part of my personal journey.

A lifelong student, I not only love to teach others art, I am forever learning myself, always looking for how I can create art that has function as well as beauty. My work conveys a message of practicality and self-sufficiency, reducing and reusing wherever possible, and creating new narratives out of the items we use daily. Why should a chair not be beautiful and made with meaning or everyday household essentials made sustainably and artistically? This is my mission and my passion.

Álvaro's work is magnificent. Dedication and love for what it does to convert a second life to wood with its own history. An honour to have a piece of him as an entrance to our house.

Marisa Miralles & Toni Soler